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~ LORI HANDELAND ~~ Spotlight Interview with Tracey West ~

In October 2004, Lori Handeland’s paranormal suspense story, BLUE MOON will be released from St. Martin’s Press.  Having read Blue Moon and enjoyed it so much, it’s an even greater honour to interview the author who wrote such an outstanding read.

Let’s get a bit behind the scenes with Lori Handeland and discover what makes this author tick and how Blue Moon was created and molded into one of the best paranormal tales in this decade…

Welcome to The Road to Romance Lori!

TW – Who is Lori Handeland? When did the dream of being a writer begin?

Lori - I’ve been married for 18 great years to a contractor.  We have two sons, 16 and 13, and a very hyper yellow lab named, Elwood.

I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was ten and realized people actually wrote those books I loved so much. 

TW – How long did it take for you to have your first book published?

Lori - I was lucky enough to get the first book I wrote published.  I think it took me about two years.

TW – Your October 04 release, Blue Moon, a paranormal suspense is an intriguing and riveting story. What can you tell readers about this book?

Lori - Blue Moon is the beginning of a series of books for St. Martin’s press that deal with a group of monster hunters called the Jager-Suchers or Hunter-Searchers.  Each book is written from the first person point of view of a female Jager-Sucher.

TW – Blue Moon is set in the town of Miniwa, Wisconsin and is full of secrets that are about to be uncovered. I found this aspect of the book very intriguing and addicting…the unanswered questions, the pull from the characters, etc.  How do you get that passion/mystery into your writing to hold a readers attention?

Lori - I love these books and the concept so much, writing them was great fun.  To me, the first person viewpoint made the books more immediate and more suspenseful.  The reader only knows what the heroine does, and sometimes, that isn’t much.

TW – How would you describe your lead characters in Blue Moon – Officer Jessie McQuade and Will Cadotte?  Who was the biggest challenge to work with? Who kept threatening to take over the whole book?

Lori - Jessie is a no nonsense gal.  She doesn’t believe in woo-woo nonsense, until she has no choice.  I wanted her to be like this so that the reader, along with Jessie, was pulled into a world where nothing was as it seemed.

Will’s just hot.  What woman wouldn’t fall for a tough guy with a gentle soul.  A martial arts afficianado who loves books and wears wire rimmed glasses.

My biggest problem was getting over Will.  I had to keep him from being a hero in the next two books.  Luckily, I found some extremely sexy guys who helped me solve that problem by making me love them, too.

TW – What do you think readers will love about this book?  I know I enjoyed the intrigue and the intensity of the story overall, and the characters.  What do you hope readers take with them and/or feel, about you and about Blue Moon when they are done reading it?

Lori - I hope the readers love the characters and want to visit them again and again.  Jessie and Will do show up in the next two books, but in a lesser capacity.  I hope when readers finish Blue Moon they are as impatient as I am for the release of Hunter’s Moon in February.

TW – What is it about the paranormal genre that you love to write about? Is it the chance to work with myths and legends and make them your own?

Lori - Absolutely.  I love the paranormal genre--the mystery and the magic.  Being able to take the true Ojibwe legends and twist them in my own way was almost as much fun as creating Jessie and Will. 

TW – How long does it normally take you to write a story? How long did it take to write Blue Moon?

Lori - It can take me from 3-6 months to write a book.  Blue Moon came out in a rush in about 2 months.  I had been thinking about the book for so long, I coudn’t wait to get it on paper.

TW – Was there any writer’s block or just bad days during the writing of Blue Moon?

Lori - Not this book.  It was magic from page one for me.

TW – Where did the idea for Blue Moon originate?  What brought you to your desk to write it?

Lori - I wrote a book years ago called Full Moon Dreams, which was about a werewolf in the 19th century in a traveling circus.  I enjoyed writing that book very much and wanted to write more like it. 

My agent asked me to write a contemporary single title proposal.  I’d played around one day with the first person and sent her those few pages.  She insisted I write the book.

TW – What comes after Blue Moon? According to your website -- http://www.eclectics.com/lorihandeland/  you have other paranormal releases due out in 2005, Hunter’s Moon and Dark Moon.  Are these in any way related to Blue Moon?  If so, how – which characters will we see?

Lori - All of the Moon books are connected, bringing in members of the Jager-Sucher society.

In Hunter’s Moon you will meet Leigh Tyler, a young woman whose family was wiped out by werewolves so she had turned to hunting them.  She is assigned to train Jessie as a Jager-Sucher, but before she can a Weendigo, or Ojibwe werewolf, arrives.  Along with Damien Fitzgerald, a hunky Irish drifter with secrets of his own.

In Dark Moon, you’ll get the story of Elise Hanover, the second in command of the Jager-Suchers.  When J-S headquarters are blown up, Elise must handle an outbreak of witchie wolves- or ghost wolves who protect the graves of desecrated warriors.  She gets a little help from Dominic Franklin, an FBI agent who has come to investigate the Jager-Suchers--the man she once loved and left behind.

TW – Another book with Moon in the title is the Stroke of Midnight Anthology, to hit shelves in November 2004, featuring your story Red Moon Rising. Is this related to Blue Moon at all?  What can you tell us about this story, your next release?

Lori - In Red Moon Rising, Jager-Sucher Clay Philips must save novelist, Maya Alexander from a Navajo skinwalker bent on killin gher.

TW – What is The Full Moon Club that you have on your website? What exactly is this club for and/or about?

Lori - The Full Moon Club is for people who are interested in the mystical, in full moons, in wolves, like me.  There’s a montly newsletter, with different lore, and merchandise from cafepress.com that has moons, wolves etc.  Just a fun little club to play around with.

TW – You also write contemporary romances with Harlequin SuperRomance.  Which genre, paranormal or contemporary, do you find to be the biggest challenge?  Which do you feel more comfortable with?

Lori - I love them both.  It’s a great help to me to be able to write between the genres.  I feel the change keeps my books fresh, interesting and new to both me and the readers.

TW – To let readers know what is next from you in contemporary romance, what can you tell us about your latest SuperRomance, The Husband Quest, which is a September 04 release.  It is part of The Luchetti Brothers series correct?  What can you tell us about these brothers?

Lori - This is the third Lucheti brothers book and is the story of Evan.  All five brothers are very different, though they share a love for each other and their family.  Aaron (The Daddy Quest) once wanted to be a priest and ended up a farmer.  Colin (The Brother Quest) is a forign correspondent. 

Evan (The Husband Quest) was the Luchetti family gigilo.  He travels to Arkansas to change his life by restoring a haunted 19th century inn.  When he meets the owner, Jillian Hart, a self-proclaimed golddigger, his new vow of chastity becomes very hard to follow.

I have just turned in A Soldier’s Quest, which is Bobby Luchetti’s story and will be released in Sept. 2005.  Then I will write Dean’s book--The Mommy Quest, and I’ll be out of Luchettis.  Oh-oh.

TW – If readers would be shocked to discover one thing about you, what would that something be?

Lori - Probably that I’ve sold 30 books.  I’ve written in so many different genres, it’s hard to keep track.

TW – Do you have a large family Lori? What do you do in your spare time?

Lori - I’m an only child with 2 son, so not a large family for me.  Although my house always seems full of kids.  <g>

In my spare time I like to read, watch my sons play sports and crochet if I get the chance, which isn’t much these days.

Some fun…

TW – What is your favourite movie of all time?

Lori - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

TW – If you could pick one song, of any genre, to describe you, what would that song be?

Lori – “All You Need is Love”-the Beatles

TW – What is the first thing in the morning that you think about?

Lori - What book do I get to write today and for how long?

TW – If your husband had to describe you in three words, what do you think he would use to describe you?

Lori - Loving, energetic, organized

TW – Where can readers write to you Lori?

Lori - Online they can reach me thrugh my website at:


by snail mail at...
PMB 215
3900 W. Brown Deer Road

Milwaukee  WI   53209

TW – To recap, what stories do you have coming out next?

Lori - The Husband Quest-Harlequin Superromance 9/04

St. Martin’s Press:
Blue Moon-10/04
Hunter’s Moon-2/05
Dark Moon-6/05
Stroke of Midnight-”Red Moon Rising”-11/04

TW – In closing Lori, might we have a brief excerpt of one of your books, preferably Blue Moon?


The summer I discovered the world was not black and white-- the way I liked it--but a host of annoying shades of gray, was the summer a lot more changed than my vision.

However, on the night the truth began I was still just another small town cop--bored, cranky, waiting, even wishing for, something to happen.  I learned never to be so open ended in my wishes again.

The car radio crackled.  “Three Adam One, what’s your 10-20?”

“I’m watching the corn grow on the east side of town.”

I waited for the imminent spatter of profanity from the dispatcher on duty.  I wasn’t disappointed.

“You’d think it was a God damned full moon.  I swear those things bring out every nut cake in three counties.”

My lips twitched.  Zelda Hupmen was seventy-five if she was a day.  A hard drinking, chain smoking, throw back to the good times when such a life style was commonplace and the fact it would kill you still a mystery. 

Obviously Zelda had yet to hear the scientific findings since she was going to outlive everyone by smoking Camels and drinking Jim Beam for breakfast.

“Maybe the crazies are just gearing up for the blue moon we’ve got coming.”

“What in living hell is a blue moon?”

The reason Zee was still working third shift after countless years on the force?  Her charming vocabulary.

“Two full moons in one month makes a blue moon on the second course.  Very rare.  Very powerful.  If you’re into that stuff.”

Living in the north woods of Wisconsin, elbow to elbow with what was left of the Ojibwe nation, I’d heard enough woo-woo legends to last a lifetime. 

They always pissed me off.  I lived in a modern world where legends had no place except in the history books.  To do my job, I needed facts.  In Miniwa, depending on who you talked to, facts and fiction blurred together too closely for my comfort.


TW – Thank you very much Lori for taking the time out of your day to do this interview. 

Readers can learn more about Lori Handeland and her books at her website http://www.eclectics.com/lorihandeland/

The Road to Romance wishes Lori Handeland the best of luck today, tomorrow and always.