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Alyssa Brooks

Liquid Silver Books

July 2004

ISBN 1-59578-014-9

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Warning: sexually explicit, light bondage

ARRESTED by Alyssa Brooks

Desperate to leave her now ex-boyfriend Kurt, far behind her, Kirsten Montgomery never once thought she’d be running from the law. But when she is caught in traffic and Reid Walker arrests her, Kirsten’s life takes on a whole new adventure…with her arresting officer…

Reid Walker is a small-town cop. He likes the quiet life away from the big city and enjoys the low crime and menial dangers of being a small-town cop.  But his life is about to be invaded – in the form of a beautiful blond bombshell who is wanted…by more than just him!

Explosive and undeniable sexual attraction, hunger, humour and great characters can be found in Arrested by new author, Alyssa Brooks.  Ms. Brooks pens a fun and seductive tale about Kirsten, who is looking for new beginnings.  When she learned that her boyfriend wasn’t who she thought he was, she made the escape, traveling cross country, but still fearing he would track her down.  Kirsten quickly realizes that escaping the past isn’t going to be as easy as she hoped, but she finds some new beginnings in the arms of a lawman, who she finds herself wanting to remain in the custody of.  Reid Walker is a gem of a hero who has great respect for the law and the ladies (and doesn’t hesitate in joining the two using his handcuffs!) Kirsten touches something deep within Reid and it is awesome to witness as their chemistry and connection to one another unfolds throughout this great story.  Alyssa Brooks proves that opposites most definitely do attract!

For a fast-pace, one sitting read with fun and exciting characters, grab a copy of Arrested by Alyssa Brooks….you might just find that you want to remain in custody until the very end!  This is a new author I look forward to reading more from in the future.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

August 5th, 2004


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