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The eXtasy Writers Tarot Series is an ongoing line of stories, some short, some long, from the authors at eXtasy Books. With the common theme of Tarot Cards, these releases should captivate readers of the paranormal. All books do stand alone -- some books are short stories of approximately 50 pages. See the eXtasy site for more information.

On each of the pages with this banner, you'll find about 10 reviews of books in the Tarot Series, making it easier to find them all. 


GIFT OF ELAN by Vivi Anna


Vivi Anna

Tarot Card – The Empress -- eXtasy Books ~ May 2004

ISBN # 1-55410-109-3  Paranormal Fantasy Erotic Fiction  Warning: sexually explicit

For Violet de Vie Donne, life in the village of Terfertill has always been full of love, prosperous lands, birds singing and the bond of the surrounding families being that of one large family.  In Terfertill, Violet has been instrumental in the births of babies and it’s said that she has the power of ‘élan, which brings prosperity, healing powers and to feel what others feel.

But across the lands life has not been so kind or full. The lands of Durrich, which are ruled by The Empress Delphine de Tiernan, have been failing.  Every tree, shrub and flower has been dying and the royal ladies have been miscarrying during their pregnancies for years.  Durrich is dying and The Empress feels threatened that maybe it is time for a new Empress.  But for Delphine de Tiernan, she won’t step down without a fight.

When The Empress’ son, Prince Jovan travels through Terfertill and his horse is bitten by a snake, it is young Violet who comes to his rescue.  Jovan sees the beauty of her village, sees her beauty on the inside and the out, and realizes that Violet might just be the true Empress who can save Durrich. Jovan falls for Violet with no hesitation and plans to marry her.  But first he must battle his own mother for the lady he loves.

Strength is the only word that I can come up with for Ms. Anna’s words…there is such strength behind what she writes.  In The Gift of Élan, the Empress Tarot story, Vivi Anna entrances her reader.  Violet couldn’t be sweeter or more loving to her family, friends, the animals and the lands.  I truly enjoyed Violet’s sweetness, gentile grace and her inner passion for Jovan and for all that is good.  Jovan is an intriguing hero whose presence is definitely felt within this story.  He is a strong man who realizes that it is time to lead his own life, go against those who are intent on standing in the way of his love with Violet and shows his true worth of Violet and the people of Durrich.  The Empress, Delphine, she is a character that most readers love to hate.  She is a villainess to the core, yet she also stands out to the reader for the evil she is and makes one wonder if she might just show up again someday in another Vivi Anna tale.  I for one would love to know what the fallen Empress is up to.

Ms. Anna is an author who delivers quality romance to her reader. Not only are we given romance, but also intrigue and danger.  I hope Ms. Anna pens another tale soon that is available to her readers.  The Gift of Élan is a book to behold and one to be read for sheer pleasure. I highly recommended.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance -- June 12, 2004


Lydia Parks

Tarot Card – Justice

eXtasy Books ~ May 2004 -- ISBN # 1-55410-105-0


Rating by Publisher: Scorcher - May include harsh language, extreme BDSM, group sex/partner switching, and moderate violence.

Warning: male/female/female – sexually explicit

Lance Trahan wants justice for the death of his partner, Claire.  Willing to do anything to have it, Lance lies in wait, watching Roark, the man he believes responsible for her death.  The police department has never been able to find anything to prove against Roark, but Lance won’t stop until he does.

Alone in his quest for justice, Lance is surprised when one day, a beautiful woman appears in his yard.  Her name is Ariel and Lance can’t help but think of her often whenever she leaves him. Ariel comes and goes, never disclosing much about herself, not even her last name.  She is a distraction Lance doesn’t need, yet he finds himself hoping she never leaves him.

Who is Ariel? Will Lance get the justice he so desperately seeks?

Lydia Parks pens a great and surprising tale with No Good Deed.  With a few surprises along the way, a reader is glued to this book non-stop until the very end.  Lance is a man who began to lose his faith in the justice system and sets out to obtain it himself.  While it wasn’t the smartest thing he did career wise, it showed his loyalty to his deceased partner and showed his strength as a human being. Ariel seemed to be the balm to sooth Lance’s shattered heart.  The love scenes in No Good Deed are hot and balanced with Lance’s quest and his story.

Telling No Good Deed from Lance’s point of view made the story more captivating and gave more in-depth building to his character.  This is a great addition to the Lydia Parks library that shouldn’t be missed.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

June 13, 2004


Master Nage

Tarot Card – The Wheel of Fortune

eXtasy Books ~ June 2004 -- ISBN # 1-55410-114-X

Fantasy/Paranormal -- Rating by Publisher: Warning: sexually explicit, f/f sex scene

Ellen is the young, tomboyish woman who is never deprived of the male attentions and is in search of Mr. Right. Ellen is also known for missing what is right in front of her. Candice “Candy” is the “tough girl” who has never found the right someone who understands her, give her the companionship she needs and craves…outside of the bedroom as well as in. Charlotte is the shy and quiet lady who would welcome any man in her bed who looked her way.  She tries, but fails to have Ellen’s magnetism with the opposite sex and is unsure of herself.

With tarot cards passed down from Candice’s grandmother, these three friends leave it to fate to spin its wheel, and show them the future.  But does the wheel show truth or what they only hope to see?  There are no guarantees when using the wheel of fortune.  Taking a chance on love will bring either joy or sorrow...is the end result really worth it?

The Wheel of Fate is the tenth Major Arcana of the Tarot and readers won’t believe their fortune’s as Master Nage weaves his own spell around them.  As a man who has proven himself (at least to this reviewer) as a man who we expected the unexpected, he does it again in The Wheel of Fate by writing in the first FEMALE person.  Master Nage pens a tale that is seamless, flows so well, he makes it look easy.

Each of these ladies are excellent characters who share a lot of themselves with the reader.  The reader can’t help but connect with them and really feel, especially Candice.  Her feelings, her disappointment and her heart really shone through in this story and she had to be my favourite character.  There is a female/female sexual scene in this story, which some readers might be put off by. But Master Nage writes feminine emotions and feelings like he does the overall story…great flow, with understanding and real emotion.  The story even took a bit of a surprising direction for me when the girls were retelling their visions.   

The Wheel of Fate is another fantastic tale by Master Nage.  His voice is strong in this one and it’s all his own.  Another great keeper to add to the great Master Nage library.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

June 15, 2004


Morgan Hawke

Tarot Card – The Star -- eXtasy Books  ~ May 2004

ISBN # 1-55410-107-7

Vampire, Gothic -- Rating by Publisher: Inferno-Pure erotica. May include any or all of the preceding. Caution is advised.  Warning: sexually explicit, male/male/female sex, anal sex

Author, Bryn Savage never saw the depth of the snow she was driving in until it was too late and she was stuck in the ditch.  On the way to a fiction convention, Bryn isn’t sure where to go or what to do.  After what seems like forever, Bryn is rescued by Conner, a sexy and older actor. Conner takes Bryn back to his place and makes arrangements to have her car dealt with.  At Conner’s she meets another heartthrob, Nick, who is also an actor.  Drawn to both men, Bryn can’t stop from acting on her attraction. When Bryn learns that Nick and Conner are also vampires, she doesn’t bat an eye and falls into their arms over and over.

Conner and Nick find all that they need and crave in Bryn.  She is the young to their old, the light to their dark existence. But their enemies, other vampires, want Bryn too - for the power that she is to them. Nick and Conner will do whatever it takes to keep their lady safe.

Morgan Hawke must have fire coming from her pen because Passion’s Vintage has flames shooting from it!  Bryn, Conner and Nick steam up the pages in this tale.  No reader who loves paranormal stories, especially with vampires, would want to turn their back on this trio.  What’s sexier than two gorgeous and mysterious vampires who can fulfill every woman’s fantasy?  I know, nothing, and Morgan Hawke provides the goods with Conner and Nick. 

The witty dialogue between Nick and Conner keeps Passion’s Vintage entertaining and they are a cool down from the hot love scenes.  With a wonderful ending, Ms. Hawke pens a hot and compelling tale that shouldn’t be missed.  I hope Ms. Hawke has another release soon; I look forward to reading more from her.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

June 14, 2004


LOST HEARTS, FOUND SOULS by Jeya JensonJeya Jenson

Tarot Series -- eXtasy Books -- May 2004 -- ISBN # 1-55410-110-7

Erotic Romance -- Warning: Sexually explicit

Sam is trying to learn to live again after her marriage ends. Sam is woman lost within herself and isn’t sure what life holds for her future.  When she heads to a pawn shop to return the ring she once refused to take off her finger, she meets Erik, someone who makes her angry, yet she can’t seem to stop thinking about him.  When Erik shows up on her doorstep later, Sam is surprised at her attraction to him.  The last thing she needs is another man in her life.  The past haunts Sam’s present and she has difficulties getting past it.  Will Erik and his desire for her get Sam to open up and give love another chance?  Can Erik capture Sam’s mind, heart and soul?

Read Jeya Jenson as she has never been before and lose yourself in the powerful words from her newest tale Lost Hearts, Found Souls. Romance is more profound in this tale than others that this author has penned and it is done as delicately as it should be considering Sam’s broken spirit.  Sam is a strong woman who learns to find herself again.  Sam and Erik find their way to one another, but it isn’t easy. Real honest emotion, characters that search their heart and soul, as well as burning passions can be found in this tale.  Ms. Jenson doesn’t let her readers down and Lost Hearts, Found Souls is another pleasing read for her fans!

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

May 8th, 2004


PASSION PREY -- TAROT: THE MOON by Samantha ReynoldsSamantha Reynolds

eXtasy Books -- May 2004 -- ISBN # 1-55410-111-5

Erotic Paranormal/Fantasy  -- Warning: Sexually explicit

Sent to track down a man named Ryan Thomas, CIA agent, Luanne Rice is determined to get her man.  Ryan Thomas is said to be carrying information that may be very crucial to many parties.  When she tracks Ryan down at a bar, Luanne gets close and slips a drug into his drink. Never did she imagine her actions would have dire consequences…

Ryan Thomas is bait. He is sent to play an FBI agent to draw out the leak who is sharing top-secret military information with an outside party.  Really an NIA agent, Ryan also carries secrets from them as well. Ryan never expected his newest assignment to become personal or that he’d have to prove to the woman of his dreams that his bark is worse than his bite…

Samantha Reynolds spins a great spy/intelligence tale with Passion Prey.  Luanne and Ryan are a volatile couple who have secrets aplenty between them.  Their bouts of lovemaking are hot, intense and nothing could ever get between them.  Passion Prey is fast-paced, entertaining and packs a lot of greatness into one short story.  This is a short story for any reader who loves the paranormal, surprises, great characters and is the perfect addition to any home library.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

July 22nd, 2004

MADDIE’S GIFT: Tarot: Judgment

MADDIE'S GIFT by Vivian HartVivian Hart

eXtasy Books -- June 2004 -- ISBN: 1-55410-116-6

Historical Erotic Romance -- Warning: Sexually explicit

For years Madeline Welby has loved Padraic MacKinnon from afar, never believing that someday, he might return her feelings.  Padraic once loved Maddie’s mother and has always looked after her and her brother Michael, as well as the family’s estate.  On a night when heartache and life has been too cruel, Madeline crosses Padraic’s door and her life is never the same again.

Padraic MacKinnon has loved and lost too many times to count in the past. Loving Madeline Welby is something he has kept secret for over a year. He watched her grow up from a sprite of a girl to the beautiful young woman she is now, who has laid claim to his heart.  But Padraic must take great care with Maddie. She too has loved and lost in her life, been ridiculed by others in their town and he wants her to be sure she’s making the right choice by loving him.

Vivian Hart pens a story of choices, strength, judgments and love with Maddie’s Gift.  I will be honest from the get-go, Maddie’s Gift does make reference to an incestuous relationship between Maddie and her brother, Michael, but it doesn’t show any acts between the two, nor does it take away from the overall effect this story has on a reader.  Life is never easy, we all know this, and many of us have made incorrect decisions in our lives – Maddie is no different.  But Maddie grows a lot within her story and with the love of Padraic, we see her blossom and bloom into a great woman.

Emotional and spiritual scars shadow the lives of Maddie and Padraic and Ms. Hart shows her reader just what the power of love can do when the love is found with the right person.  Their understanding, knowledge and even the history that these characters have together, leads to harmony, respect and a beautiful love story that makes a reader feel. I look forward to more of Ms. Hart’s love stories in the future.  I hope everyone takes a chance on Maddie’s Gift.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

July 28th, 2004


ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK by Evelyn StarrEvelyn Starr

Tarot Series  -- eXtasy Books -- May 2004

ISBN: 1-55410-108-5 -- Paranormal Suspense

Rated by publisher: Amourotic: Sensual, all stories involve exclusive couples. May include light bondage and toy play.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, right? What happens when it just gets tougher? Sara Sutton had just quit her job as a bar girl because she refused to let the customers grope her. She decides to go back home to Roswell, New Mexico where she grew up, but her old truck breaks down in the middle of the night in Bangkok, New Mexico. Now she’s stuck until morning with nothing but her and the coyotes. Oh, and the man who almost ran her over with his flying saucer.

Ralph Watkins was a respected city councilman from Roswell, but he also had a secret. He’s descendant from a long line of “otherworlders” that have the ability to use sex to muddle people’s thoughts. Sara is so dead set on insisting an explanation for his spaceship that he has only one choice. Seduce her.

From the moment they touch, seduction is only part of the game. It’s as if destiny is fulfilled in each other’s arms. Could they be meant for each other or is that just Ralph using his extra talents?

Evelyn Starr puts the sizzle back in the sleepy town of Bangkok. The electricity between Sara and Ralph is both fun and out of this world. Who wants to imagine little green men from Mars, when Ralph Watkins is all the alien you’ll ever need. I always like a great story about two halves of a whole coming together and ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK is no exception. Now, how do you get to Roswell?

Reviewed by Tina Burns for The Road to Romance

September 7, 2004



THE LONE WOLF RETURNS by Arianna HartArianna Hart

Tarot Series: Seven of Swords

eXtasy Books -- August 2004 -- ISBN: 1-55410-184-0

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Rated by Publisher: Amourotic: Sensual, all stories involve exclusive couples. May include light bondage and toy play.

Max Logan could never be considered the prodigal son. Even though he was returning home after ten years of being away, he was a bad boy when he left and was a bad boy returning. No welcoming party for him from the town of Middleton. He’d worked long and hard to gain his reputation as a much sought after builder, working from the ground up until he owned his own construction company. Now that he had success, he wanted a home. Home for him was Middleton and Fiona Kildare, the girl he left ten years ago, if she was available.

After her divorce from her abusive husband and the death of her parents, Fiona needed some respite from all the tragedy in her life. She decided to renovate her parent’s house, turned bed and breakfast, to give her a sense of home and of independence. She was at peace even though the house would take a lot of money and time to remodel. Her peace was shattered when Max Logan rides back into her life the same way he rode out, on a motorcycle.

Old hurts left unresolved for years, new tragedies heaped on top of those, and yet the passion between Max and Fiona flares up as if the time and distance never existed. This time though, it’s a mature passion. But will it be enough?

No matter what any woman might say, it’s the bad boy that we are attracted to. Fiona gets to have him twice! Arianna Hart has written a stimulating tale of second chances that proves that the bad boy always wins. Often times we don’t get to see aspects of the characters before they get to the point in their lives where the book begins, but Ms. Hart shows us tidbits of who Max and Fiona used to be and how much they’ve grown over the years. And that only though that growth are they able to come back together again for a lifetime. THE LONE WOLF RETURNS will have you wishing for one of your own bad boys. Sure glad I’ve already got one.

Reviewed by Tina Burns for The Road to Romance

September 14, 2004




LIFE LESSONS by Alayne WarrenAlayne Warren

Tarot: 6 of Swords

eXtasy Books -- August 2004

Short Contemporary / Mainstream

Note: no sexual content

When we lose the woman who gave us life, so much love and who has always been there for us no matter what, we feel a loss like no other.  Losing one’s mother is never easy, no matter what age you are. Such is the case with Carrie who has lost her mother and finds it difficult to get past her grief.  To add to Carrie’s turmoil is realizing that quite possibly she didn’t know her mother as well as she thought she did. When Carrie finds a letter written by her mother, which speaks of a lost love, lost dreams and secrets she never knew her mother had, Carrie searches her heart for the answers about her mother she never thoughts she’d have…

Alayne Warren enchants her audience with the poignant and classy tale, Life Lessons. Her words transfix the reader, sweeping us into the heart-wrenching, yet warming story of a woman’s undeniable love for her mother. Carrie reads her mothers letter with deep emotions of wonder, fear and love.  The woman who Carrie thought she knew had a past that she never shared. Through her mothers words, Carrie and the reader are touched by the open and heated words and have us examining ourselves and the people in our lives that we think we know.

Ms. Warren pens a profound tale, and while not romance as we have come to know it, the love is exhibited with strength and realism of a child’s love for a parent.  Life Lessons is a short story that will touch a reader from start to finish. Readers might just call their own Mom after reading Life Lessons…I did!

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

September 24th, 2004


THE TROUBLE WITH DRAGONS by Alayne WarrenAlayne Warren

Tarot: The High Priestess

eXtasy Books ~ July 2004 -- ISBN # 1-55410-180-8


Rating from Publisher: One Flame - Amourotic - Sensual, all stories involve exclusive couples. May include light bondage and toy play

Lady Gwen, the future High Priestess of New Earth, has managed alone since the death of her parents when she was nineteen and just coming into her own.  Gwen has always done as she felt best and never catered to others. But when dragons arrive on her doorstep and ask for protection and inform her that they wish to form an alliance with her, Gwen has to make some quick decisions – ones that could change her life forever.  One decision that has to be made is that in the alliance with the dragons, she will have to marry Tiegan, who works with them.  Gwen doesn’t believe marrying the sexy man is really necessary, but she finds herself undeniably attracted to him. Will Gwen’s alliance with the dragons be enough of save New Earth? Will her attraction to Tiegan cause more trouble than it’s worth?

Told in the first person, The Trouble With Dragons by Alayne Warren is an interesting fantasy romance that titillates a reader’s imagination. Lady Gwen is a powerful woman in her world that readers will enjoy. She is witty, charming and quite endearing. Gwen’s attraction to Tiegan isn’t a real focus of the story and though I would have liked to know more about him, the New Earth and Gwen kept me glued to my seat and finished this story in one sitting.

With light passion and a driven heroine among the dragons, The Trouble With Dragons is an engaging read which shows some of the writing talents of this author who fans are clamoring for more of.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

September 23rd, 2004


ART OF ROMANCE by Felicia CummingsFelicia Cummings

Tarot Series: Knight of Wands -- eXtasy Books -- August 2004

ISBN: 1-55410-188-3

Contemporary -- rated by publisher: Bonfire – HOT, but still exclusive couples. May contain adult language, moderate violence, and mild BDSM

Caleb McGiever and his wife Veronica are at a carnival, when she takes the term “potty break” to the extreme and stays gone forever. He decides to sit in one place and wait for her instead of wandering around looking for her. When a shadow crosses him, he looks up expecting Veronica, but sees a gypsy woman who convinces him to let her read his fortune. He’s convinced she’s a fraud until she starts talking about his present troubles with his wife. When she predicts that the future of his marriage will depend on him and that someone from his past will show up to test his will, his senses, and his faithfulness, he knows only one woman who could do that, his ex-wife, Olivia St. John.

Olivia St. John and Caleb McGiever were best friends before they married and even after their divorce, Olivia still carries a torch for Caleb. She’s decided to come home to Chicago from New York to get back to her roots, her family, and to Caleb. She knows they are meant to be together and will stop at nothing to get him back.

When Caleb sees Olivia again, the old feelings he had for her flare up again as if they never left. He’s not a cheating man, but he can’t deny the passion between him and Olivia. Caleb begins to question whether or not he should stay in his current unhappy marriage, or forge ahead with Olivia.

THE ART OF SEDUCTION is a good representation of the meaning behind the Tarot card the Knight of Wands. Felicia Cummings did a wonderful job personifying the characteristics of the card in Olivia St. John. While the writing was good, I found it difficult to enjoy the concept of the book from a romantic standpoint. In the beginning of the book, Caleb is told his faithfulness will be tested and I was sad to see it didn’t take long for him to flunk the test. THE ART OF SEDUCTION gets an A for effort, but a C for romance.

Reviewed by Tina Burns for The Road to Romance

November 4, 2004



DISHONORED by Brenna LyonsBrenna Lyons

Tarot series: Six of Pentacles -- eXtasy Books -- July 2004

ISBN: 1-55410-176-X -- Fantasy

Rated by publisher: Scorcher – May include harsh language, extreme BDSM, group sex/partner switching, and moderate violence

Juvia was once a respected warrior priestess of Fion’s Children, but no more. Her choice for a life mate failed her in a sexual challenge and thus she was considered dishonored by her people. Dishonored or not, she was still required on the battlefield against the men of Lengar, her people’s enemy. When she’s overwhelmed by the enemy and captured, her people make no attempt to rescue her. They leave her fate in the hands of Lengar’s heir, Jurel.

Jurel should be furious with the new bed slave, Juvia. She killed many of his men before they were able to subdue and capture her. When his men began to use her for pleasure she cried out, but not in pain, in pleasure, and that is something Fion’s Children do not do. Jurel is intrigued by her and claims her for his own bed slave.

Juvia is in wonder at all the sensual pleasures Jurel teaches her, pleasures that she would not have known had she stayed with her people. Fion’s Children only use men for procreation, and any showing of enjoyment in the act of sex brings dishonor. Jurel maybe the master, but soon he realizes that Juvia has mastered his heart. Can he trust her enough to make her his Queen, or will centuries of animosity between their people threaten their love, and their lives?

DISHONORED is an exceptionally well written short story. Brenna Lyons creates a world filled with strange customs, unique characters, and undeniable passion. I liked that Jurel and Juvia could feel so much love for each other even though they were once enemies. DISHONORED has hints of the famed Amazon women and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but Ms. Lyons takes snippets of those tales and makes one of her own that keeps you riveted from page one. This is not one to miss.

Reviewed by Tina Burns for The Road to Romance

November 4, 2004


BIG GIRLS DO CRY by Hollie Davidson

Hollie Davidson

eXtasy Books -- February 2005

Contemporary Romance, Tarot

Candace Boyd has always been a little overweight.  Now she weighs more than she ever has.  Her best friend, Laverne convinces her that she needs a new start, with a new man to correct what is wrong with her love life.  Laverne tells her that the cards say there is a great love out there just waiting for her.  Candace does not have any faith in what the cards say; she does not believe any man will really want her in her present state.  Her ex-husband Jake proved just how cruel a man could be.  Meeting Troy has Candace wishing she could be and look different.  Candace is sure his kindness is just that. Troy could not actually be attracted to a woman like her. 

Troy likes Candace the minute he sees her.  She looks like the sweetest candy and that is how he thinks of her, Candy.  The more he tries to convince her of her beauty and charm, the more she doubts his veracity.  Candace is a woman Troy definitely wants to get to know better.  Troy will do whatever it takes to prove to Candace just how wonderful and special she is. 

Hollie Davidson’s, Big Girls Do Cry is an exceptional story of a woman who must first love herself before she can love anyone else.  The author really delivers an emotional tale that will have you cheering at the end. 

Reviewed by Tewanda Hardy for The Road to Romance

March 23, 2005


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