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Ann Jacobs

Book 1: Luna Ten

Changeling Press -- May 2004

ISBN:  1-59596-012-0


Warning:  Explicit sex

CASSIOPEIA by Ann Jacobs

Cassie Denton decided to visit the hedonistic world of Obsidion to sample all the pleasures forbidden back on Earth.  Too shy to buy a human sex slave, she decides to rent a sexbot instead.

Guy Stone, former star commander and half-man/half cyborg, has seen Cassie and decided that she’s his and his alone.  He’s in need of a mate if he wants to settle on Luna Ten, a utopian colony where he’ll be accepted as he is now.

Luna Ten: Cassiopeia is intense.  It is explosively hot, yet sweetly tender at the same time.  The emotional bonding between master and slave is well rendered.  The glimpses at other books by Ms. Jacobs are intriguing enough to lead me to buy them when released.  I look forward to the next release in the Luna Ten series.

Reviewed by Meribeth McCombs for The Road to Romance

May 13, 2004


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