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Melody Carlson

Multnomah Fiction

April 2007

ISBN: 1590526937

Inspirational/ Teen Issues

BEYOND REACH by Melody Carlson

Samantha McGregor is not just an ordinary teenager, she receives visions from God. Samantha is tired from her recent work and asks God to give her a break from the visions. Then a weekend goes by, and another and Samantha is concerned she has lost her gift. Ebony, Samanthaís contact at the local police, comes to her with a favor. Ebony wants her to help with a cold case sheís working on now. The teenagerís name was Peter Clark and at first everything appeared to be a classic suicide but now new evidence has surfaced making them wonder if it really was. Ebony takes her to the police department to view some photos and to the home where Peterís mother and brother still live. But Samantha feels and hears nothing from God.

Finally on Samanthaís birthday she gets a vision of a dark haired guy contemplating suicide from the edge of a bridge. After rehashing what she saw with herself she calls Ebony. But the more Samantha thinks about it she doesnít think itís related to the Peter Clark case.

This book is about so much more than I can write in a short summary. Itís about the relationship between Samantha and her non-believer mother. Itís about relying on God and paying attention to more than just ourselves. More than anything I walked away from this book thinking that I need to start truly loving other like God does instead of walking around with my head in the sand.

Reviewed by Kristy Pelletier for The Road to Romance

May 24, 2007