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Cyndi Friberg

Loose Id -- October 2005

ISBN: 1-59632-168-7


Warning: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language.

DREAM WARRIORS 3: KANE by Cyndi Friberg

When he is given the difficult task of tracking down a mortal woman in the dream realm, Dream Warrior Kane has no idea that she will turn out to look just like the wife he once had and lost. But Dora is very different from Lyra. Once he helps her escape the Underworld, they discover that they, along with Kane's half-brother Chaos, must work together to discover the true name of the succubus or risk others being enslaved by her. The succubus is a demonic female spirit who uses sexual intercourse with men while they are dreaming to draw their energy. Once they begin their quest, Kane quickly realizes that Dora may just be the perfect woman for him.

Waking up naked, bound to a bed with a man who is not a man standing over you can really shake up a girl. To later learn that not only are you dead and in the Underworld, standing next to Hades, but that you must also undertake a quest with two antagonistic males, almost makes Dora wish she'd never woken up. While trying to decipher the clues left by Hades, all three of the adventurers learn things about themselves and the other participants. But will they learn the succubus Delilah's real name?

Dream Warriors 3:Kane is a fabulous addition to an already wonderful series. Dora and Kane are both strong warriors who learn that the beliefs that have shaped their lives are not as black and white as they assumed they were. Dora's the kind of heroine that I really like. Although she's been thrown a curve ball in the form of finding out she's dead, she continues to keep swinging. She holds her own when it comes to Kane and their relationship while facing the ghost of her dead sister. As for Kane, he's one hot Dream Warrior. Their sexual encounters are steamy and will definitely keep you turning pages. As the oldest Dream Warrior, he's got the most strength but he really shows his personal strength when he must face his worst fears. He confronts his past and is man enough to admit his mistakes. Enjoy this next installment in the Dream Warriors series, but be warned -- it will only make you want more.

Reviewed by Trang Black for The Road to Romance

December 14, 2005