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Bronwyn Jameson 

Princes of the Outback, Book 1

Silhouette Desire #1666 

July 2005

ISBN # 0373766661

Series/Contemporary Romance

THE RUGGED LONER by Bronwyn Jameson 

For years Angelina Mori wanted Tomas Carlisle. The Prince of the Outback was her childhood friend, but that camaraderie turned to love, as she got older. Unfortunately Tomas never knew of her feelings, married another and Angelina kept her secret. Now, years later, Tomas is single again, and he is far from happy. His father has recently passed away, leaving a request of his sons. Charlie Carlisle’s last will and testament states that within a year, a grandchild must be born to one of his sons or they will lose large sums of their birthright. Angelina is shocked by this dying man’s wishes, and will do whatever she can to support her friend Tomas, the man she still loves, in any way she can. Only, she’s shocked when she finds herself volunteering to make a baby!!!

Tomas Carlisle vows that he will never love another woman as long as he lives. Since his wife’s death, Tomas has become a loner, not even his family can reach him. He wants to be alone on his land and be at peace. But when his father passes away, and his childhood buddy, Angelina, comes back to town, his life is suddenly a whirlwind of emotion, turmoil, decisions…and passion. Never before has Tomas looked at Angelina as anything but a friend, but when she offers to help him have a child to fulfill his deceased father’s wishes, he sees her in a whole new light. But desperate to keep distance between them, Tomas offers the chance of artificial insemination to make a baby, Angelina won’t hear of it. She wants to make that baby the old-fashioned way, the way God intended!

Can Tomas resist his newfound feelings for Angelina? Will Angelina finally get her man?

Australian author, Bronwyn Jameson, brings the Outback to life, with tears, laughter and a joyous feeling by the end of The Rugged Loner. Tomas is a magnetic character who is rugged as the title indicates, but he’s a man with a warm heart and a deep soul. He is a very attractive here, not just physically, but spiritually. He is a man’s man who has known a lot of pain in his life, he tried to move on, but his heart was shattered and his beliefs questioned about love and happily ever after.  Angelina is just the spitfire woman for him. She is sassy and brassy, and realizes that she should have been there for him since his wife died and will try to overlook her feelings for him and be there for him now. Ms. Jameson writes a gem of a story and it’s just beginning. I look forward to reading the remaining titles in this series, to find out more about Alex and Rafe, Tomas’ brothers – the remaining Princes of the Outback.

I also appreciated that Ms. Jameson took the time to provide an Outback Glossary at the front of The Rugged Loner for her readers to refer to throughout the book. Some may find it necessary, others might not, but it’s a useful tool if the need does arise!

The Rugged Loner receives the Road to Romance’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for the fact that the characters shone throughout the whole story, and this author’s writing flows like a well-orchestrated concerto. I truly enjoyed the Carlisle family, the love we watch blossom between Angelina and Tomas. The Rugged Loner makes one believe in second chances, new beginnings and to never say never!  Bronwyn Jameson is a talented contemporary romance writer. The Rugged Loner is a shining example of that.

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance

July 15, 2005