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Morgan Hawke

Previously published in Phantasmagoria Anthology

eXtasy Books -- August 2003

ISBN: 1554100208

Contemporary BDSM -- Bonfire

TEACHER’S PET by Morgan Hawke

Teacher’s Pet is one out of six individually published short stories that originally appeared in the anthology Phantasmagoria. These stories were the most talked about from the anthology. Each one has a twist on familiar situations.

Chastity has an after school meeting with a hot substitute teacher. She’s not quite sure why she needs to meet with him, as she’s not in any of his classes. Unknown to Chastity, Mr. DuLong is there to teach her a few things not normally taught in school – the proper ways to accept punishment and fellatio.

This story is well written and Morgan Hawke uses descriptive words to the story’s advantage. However, there were a few parts to this story that I was disappointed with. First, this story seemed more like a scene within a larger book rather than a short story. Second, readers should be warned not to expect any romance in this story. In my opinion, I consider this book to have crossed the line beyond erotica. Third, I was uncomfortable with the thought that Charity might be underage. Although it is never clearly stated, it sounds like she is in high school, and Hawke never tells the reader how old Charity is. I’d recommend reading one of Hawke’s other five short stories instead of this one.

WARNING: Contains oral sex, anal play, mild domination and submission, spanking, possible underage character.

Reviewed by S. Khaw for The Road to Romance

September 24, 2004


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